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Wayne National Forest, a new fracking hotspot–unless you take action.

Ohio’s only national forest, soon to be fracking hotspot. It’s no big secret that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a federal agency that governs public lands across the United States, has opened up an internet-based lease-sale for 1,622.11 acres of land in Ohio’s one and only national forest for none other than fracking. Parcels… Continue reading Wayne National Forest, a new fracking hotspot–unless you take action.

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Supporting #BlackLivesMatter: 6 Things White People Can Do

I’m putting you in the spotlight, along with myself. As white people we are privileged, and with that privilege comes a safety net that protects us from most injustice.

Alton Sterling. Sandra Bland. Freddie Gray. Eric Garner. Laquan McDonald. And all of the other Black men, women, and children who have been gruesomely murdered do NOT have the privilege you and I harbor.

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Switched: Animal & Human Welfare

While browsing Facebook today, I stumbled upon a collection of comics that switched human and non-human animal roles in society. Classified as humor, these comics have me “chewing the cud” on George Orwell’s Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” -George Orwell, Animal Farm   Without further ado: “Man is the… Continue reading Switched: Animal & Human Welfare

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Facebook Sold Me to Shell

Always research and analyze what you read. 

Today, I was the target of a sponsored ad on Facebook. 

Facebook algorithms determined that my demographic, Facebook likes and posts matched that of a Shell Oil sponsored post that appears to “promote bright energy in Africa”.

This is how the media tricks you. This is how enormous, money hungry corporations trick you into believing their practices are positive and wholesome. 

They target you, the consumer, and play off of your values while using intentional advertising (such as featuring celebrities) coupled with catchy music to persuade you to purchase their products.

Because their products “match” your morals. 

And it isn’t just Shell that’s doing this. Have you examined your food lately?

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